Wild and Abstract

In the Beginning....Who am I?

My name is Leanne and I work from my small studio, in a village not far from Cheltenham, England. Any free time I have, I'm normally painting, or gathering ideas in my sketchbooks for future work.

If you wish to know more about me, then please visit the 'about' page.

You can also find me on facebook - https://www.facebook.com/wildandabstract/

Unique, original and affordable art work...... My work is all unique, and I do not produce prints.

Everyone can go to the local shop or store and purchase a picture for their wall but has your neighbour got the same one.... how many more are there?

I aim to provide unique and individual paintings that are always affordable originals.
My prices reflect this and range from 25 to 500 pounds, the average price being 200.00

We are all unique individuals and as such I think we deserve that a one off piece of art work that is going to always be better than a mass produced print.


April-June - BATH SOCIETY OF ARTISTS, Victoria Art Gallery, Bath
Saturday 23rd April - Saturday 4th June

JULY - Cheltenham Art in the Park
Sunday 10th July-Sunday 17th July - week 4 at Imperial Gardens, Cheltenham

AUGUST/SEPTEMBER - 'A Quartet of Artists' Exhibition at Lower Slaughter Village Hall
Wednesday 31st August until Tuesday 6th September 2016
Artisit include:
Leanne Courtney-Crowe
Mike Kingston
Peter Longman
Dawn Niven


JULY - Gardens Gallery, Montpellier Gardens, Cheltenham
Wednesday 12th July - Tuesday 18th July 10am-TBC (possibly 7.30pm)
Wild and Abstract will be having a new exhibition from 2017....Free Entry

I also hope to be back at Cheltenham Art in the Park